Give a man a fish…feed him for a day.
Teach a man to fish…feed him for life.



Kayak Attacks

Kayak Attacks is a fishing guide service, specializing in, but not limited to, open ocean kayak fishing. We offer a variety of kayak experiences, from gentle lake, and sea tours, to whale watching, Trout, Kokanee Salmon, King Salmon and Steelhead lake fishing  and of course, my specialty…open ocean kayak fishing.

We have the boats, state of the art fishing gear and tackle and the knowledge and experience that will help you get fish in the boat.

Open ocean kayak fishing is a deeply exhilarating and extremely productive form of fishing, safely maneuvering into areas inaccessible to power boats, accessing areas with much less fishing pressure and way more fish.

Kayakers often experience close interactions and encounters with sea mammals and other oceanic life, creating a rich and unforgettable experience. In a kayak, a person becomes “one with the ocean”   The overall experience is often quite profound and difficult to describe. 

Fishing from a charter/party boat with a loud diesel motor that never shuts off, while breathing in the fumes, standing on the same platform with 12 or more other anglers, targeting the same few fish with the same baits, (usually the cheapest ones available) at the same time, often leads to a mediocre fishing experience at best. I know, because I myself, have spent $80- $100 (many times) to come home with only a few small fish in my bag.

"Kayak Attacks would like to offer you a very different fishing experience."



Some packages include kayak safety training (self-rescue) and fishing basics training. We will teach you safety, teach you various angling techniques, put you in one of our boats, guide you to secret fishing spots….and then it will be up to you to get those fish in the boat!

And for the slightly less adventurous ones, we have an extra seat in the front of the “flagship”, The Hobie Pro Angler 17T Tandem fishing machine. This boat accompanies all open ocean kayak excursions, providing various types of support, including depth indicator, fish finder/sonar, GPS systems, VHF marine radios, backup gear and tackle, food, water and more.

Packages can be customized for experienced people, or people with their own boat and or fishing gear.

  • All fishing excursions are subject to postponement or cancellation due to weather and or ocean conditions.
  • All fishing excursions will strictly follow all Department of Fish and Wildlife regulations and restrictions including, but not limited to, season closures and bag limits.
  • All participants will agree to follow all department of fish and wildlife regulations and restrictions.
  • All participants are responsible for acquiring their own fishing license prior to the day of excursion.

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The Area

With my forty+ years of fishing experience, I can take you fishing anywhere you want to go, but my main Ocean locations that I fish out of are, Bodega Bay, Albion River, Fort Bragg/Noyo Harbor and Shelter Cove. On inland fishing excursions, we focus on Shasta Lake and Whiskeytown Reservoir.


Mars Rossbach has been fishing for most of his life. From a very early age, he began guiding his friends and family to his favorite fishing spots, and showing them how to catch fish. From river bank fishing at 12 years old, to fishing for salmon in the ocean from his powerboat, Mars has always successfully guided his friends and family to catch fish. Today, his services are open to the public as "Kayak Attacks” fishing guide service. Kayak Attacks has contacts to many other fishing guides and services. If you are looking for a guide for a type of fishing not listed on this website, don’t hesitate to ask for a referral…we may be able to help. In regards to other guide services, we prefer cooperation and collaboration as opposed to competition….Happy fishing to all!

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